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  • Reactive Strech Cord is an indispensable and extremely professional tool for speed training, explosivity,  vertical and long jump. Extremely easy but very effective training tool.

            "When ordering, just select the length of the belt depending on your belt width"

  • PowerBANDS are a complete upper body resistance bands package. With four levels of resistance bands, ankle straps, a door stopper, handles, and a Kinetic-BANDS Training carry bag you will have everything you need to train. Enhance StrengthStability and Performance

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 Little things usually make the difference between winning and losing!

Are speed, acceleration, jump and dynamic power important attributes in achieving better sports results? If the answer is yes then you are at the right place with chance of buying the right product for you.

Speed, acceleration, jump and dynamic power training have changed drastically over time. Athletes firstly used small, and after some time, heavier weights and performed a few repetitions of the required movements and executions of already known training elements. After that, they performed without using extra weights.

That's how athletes achieved a sense of lightness of the body and exceeded their limits. Later on, certain elasticities appeared. Athletes used them to add a certain external force to the body. It resulted in faster acceleration and higher jump after some period of time. Today's time has brought us the remarkable Kinetic-BANDS, Reactive Stretch Cord and PowerBANDS.

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  • It does not increase the load on your ties, tissues and joints,
  • You can use it alone or with a coach,
  • You can use it for speed training (overspeed),
  • You can use it for acceleration training,
  • You can use it to practice long and height jumping,
  • You can use it to train dynamic power.


Reactive Stretch Cord - an equipment made for top results!

After years of training of both, top-class and recreational athletes of different ages and in various sports, I can confirm that the Reactive Stretch Cord is an essential equipment for every athlete even athletes in their younger years. Our goal is to exceed the limits, as this is the only way to improve the athletes' abilities which are necessary for success. Reactive Stretch Cord is an incredible equipment for speed training, starting speed, acceleration, jump and dynamic power. We train by speeding up and decelerating. Adding additional external acceleration in training results drastically improves athlete's speed. Using the Reactive Stretch Cord in change of direction trainings or linear runs will result in better explosive strength and higher speed of movement.                                    

An athlete can alone or with the help of his coach in an incredibly easy way exceed his limits. Extremely simple equipment offers you the possibility of different training types in various sports disciplines. Reactive Stretch Cord is designed for both speed training and dynamic power, but it also gives you the best results in improving your starting speed, acceleration and jump (both in height and distance). All these properties are very important in all sports and play an important role at crucial moments when successful results are needed.

Superior quality ensures you a long-term use

The Reactive Stretch Cord is made of Dual - strips dressed in safety guards to maintain the athlete’s safety regardless of the amount of use. With an extremely high maximum expansion (over 6 meters), the athlete has the chance of different training exercises. The safety belt which is included in the set of the Reactive Stretch Cord offers a chance of flexible training and even more efficient use. The adjustable belt enables fitting Reactive Stretch Cord to any size..




360 D-RING

Place a high quality belt around your waist just above the hips           .
Pull the belt through the metal rings and tighten it so that you
can move and breathe normally.

With the adjustable belt, which is worn around the waist, the 360 D-RING
can slip around the waist. It offers a multifunctional use. Reattach the
Reactive Stretch Cord and fasten it to the 360 D-RING.





The Reactive Stretch Cord consists of two multiplex resistant              
strips, which double the resistance.
When training with the Reactive Stretch Cord, it is important to check each fixing.
Before using them, you should make sure that they are properly and well closed




After you have securely clipped to the anchor strap and 360 D-Ring    
you are now ready to begin training. Slide the D-Ring in a circle
around your body to ensure the strap is setup properly.

The Reactive Stretch Cord extends up to a maximum length of 6m. You should
use educational videos for proper instructions and adjustable resistance to ensure
a safe use of your Reactive Stretch Cord. Safety's first!


Overspeed Training of Speed and Acceleration

The Reactive Stretch Cord offers athletes the opportunity to include overspeed technique in their speed training to exceed their maximum speed. By using the Reactive Stretch Cord, athletes can practice sprint in multiple directions. Make three to five repetitions using the Reactive Stretch Cord and then two to three repetitions without it. This technique helps us to overcome our abilities with the external help and then without it. That is how the brain and the frequency of the step will all be at a higher perceptional level.


Due to the possibility of different training types with the Reactive Stretch Cord, we can also upgrade speed and acceleration training in training of stopping and accelerating with change of directions. Without proper and effective speed training at least three times a week our speed will start to fall. Speed is still one of the most important attributes for gaining advantage over your competiton.

Vertical Jump and Vertical Strength Training

Here is another very important attribute that can lead you to victory. In many sports disciplines jumping higher and longer determines the final result. Do not allow any coincidences to occur and simply use the Reactive Stretch Cord and train your jump at least twice a week. The Reactive Stretch Cord enables athletes the use of resistance during their jump trainings. Athletes, regardless of their age can use the proper resistance to improve the plyometric effect. With a higher level of muscle activation athletes will significantly increase their vertical jump.


In these training exercises, first make two or three jumps without the Reactive Stretch Cord and mark your distance. Then make 4−5 jumps with the Reactive Stretch Cord and then again at least two jumps without it. During each jump with the Reactive Stretch Cord take a proper rest. It is very important that every jump is performed maximally. Progress will be noticed very quickly.

When we do vertical jumps, the rope must be wrapped around the carrier above us and then released to the ground. It must be under full tension and from this position we try to execute the maximum jump.

Dynamic Power is necessary for training of all Specific Abilities

In this case, the Reactive Stretch Cord is fastened in a different way than in previous training types. Now it is fastened behind us or horizontally. All movements are performed with an external resistance. It is necessary to develop maximum force to complete the exercise.


This training type can be done in all positions. It helps you strengthen various muscle groups. Your training partner can help you with holding a rope firmly wrapped around his arm. Then you can make movements in all directions without stopping.

Include the Ractive Stretch Cord in your Special training

Whether you are dealing with football, basketball, volleyball, handball, martial arts, athletics, dancing or any other sport, the Reactive Stretch Cord will always help you in your special training session. Fast counterattack after taking away the ball from the opponent in handball or basketball requires extremely fast acceleration and sprint to the finish and realization of the attack. Regardless of the sport, the Reactive Stretch Cord stands beside you when you try to exceed your personal limits. 


It's a product that you just simply have to have always and everywhere with you. It will help you be a step ahead of your competition.


PowerBANDS for shoulder strength and resistance training

PowerBANDS are a complete upper body resistance bands package. With four levels of resistance bands, ankle straps, a door stopper, handles, and a Kinetic-BANDS Training carry bag you will have everything you need to train.Enhance Strength, Stability and Performance

Build strength by adding multiple resistance bands to your handles. Even the strongest will be challenged by PowerBands. For beginners PowerBands offer as low as 3 pounds of resistance with the yellow resistance band. Mix and match any level of resistance you choose to increase the resistance.
(Users 7+ Years of Age)

  • Yellow Resistance Band = Beginners
  • Green Resistance Band = Beginner / Intermediate
  • Red Resistance Bands = Intermediate / Advanced
  • Blue Resistance Bands = Advanced

4 Levels Of Resistance Bands

PowerBANDS Door Mount

PowerBANDS Adjustable Straps

PowerBANDS Handles

Choose the correct level of resistance band for each exercise. By adding two, three or even four resistance bands at a time you will find PowerBands live up to their reputation.

Place door mount on the inside of the door pulling the door closed. Be sure the door mount is close to the hinge side of the door.

Place adjustable strap around an anchor and attach desired bands. Clip each resistance band for single arm exercises or loop the bands through for two handed movements.

Clip desired bands to the handles and begin training. Each handle is durable allowing for multiple attachments.

Athletes build upper body strength & shoulder stability 

Athletes will build strength and shoulder stability anywhere utilizing PowerBands. With 4 levels of upper body resistance bands you will find the perfect amount of resistance to train with. Whether you need lighter resistance bands for shoulder rehab training or looking to build a stonger chest, back and arms PowerBands are the complete Upper Body Resistance Band Kit you need.

  • Add multiple bands for improved strength.
  • Build rotational power with resistance.
  • Take your bands anywhere with your included travel bag.


Enhance strength gains and tone

No longer will you need several resistance bands with multiple handles. With your set of PowerBANDS you will be able to adjust the amount of resistance simply by clipping another resistance band on your confort fit handles. Tone with resistance through bicep curls, lateral raises, triceps extensions or even resisted rows today with PowerBANDS.

  • Tone your body with the perfect amount of resistance.
  • 4 levels included in your kit.
  • Maximize body weight workouts.
  • Hundreds of exercises hosted here on Kinetic-BANDS.eu
  • Travel with PowerBANDS.

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