Kinetic-BANDS are a great  innovative training tool used to help you improve your speed, muscular strength, reaction time, acceleration, coordination, jumping and sport specific quickness by optimaly activating your muscles. With Kinetic-BANDS your feet and legs will become faster than ever.

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Our results driven exercise bands are recommended for ages 7+ and used worldwide by athletes who train for football, martial arts, dance, basketball, volleyball, floorball, handball, rugby, american football, softball, tennis, track and sprint speed, wrestling and many other sports; by physical therapy professionals, strength and conditioning specialists, speed trainers, personal trainers, and people who want to live a healthier lifestyle; by recreational sports teams, school districts, colleges, and professional sports programs.


Increase your Speed, Agility and Vertical Jump

Athletes who are using Kinetic-BANDS Leg Resistance Bands will see that their lateral agility and explosive sprint speed have increased majorly. During sport specific training you will enhance your hip flexor strength and activate your glutes, and with that all athletes no mater how old they are will benefit from the power of Kinetic-BANDS. You will find a drill for your specific sport on our website where we have hundreds of hosted drills. Build explosive hip flexors.

  • Shorten your reaction time and run faster.
  • Build a powerful leg drive.
  • Improve leg strength and quickness.
  • Help your hip flexors become more explosive

Want to lose weight and tone your muscles faster?

If you want to lose weight and shape your body muscles Kinetic-BANDS can be of great help to you. When the resistance from the bands is added to your everyday body weight exercise your stamina and leg strength will be challenged. Your muscles will have to work harder through your exercise wich will tone your muscles, especialy your core, legs and glutes. With the Kinetic-BANDS your body will be pushed harder and you will lose weight and tone your muscles faster and more efficent.

  • Increased heart rate with your everyday exercise.
  • Make your legs stronger.
  • Body weight workouts are more efficent.
  • Improve muscular endurance.
  • Tone your legs during cardio based training.


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