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''Get more out of your exercises''

Elevate even the most basic exercises such as Mountain Climbers to a new level and enjoy the great new benefits and improvements that come with it.

Kinetic-BANDS in action


Resistance training brings quite a high number of benefits with it that range from physical to mental. This makes it a very attractive and popular type of training, however, there have always been limitations on which exercises you can do, because existing resistance equipment limits the movements you can make and how fast you can move.

This is why the Kinetic-BANDS were created. We want to give everyone the freedom and possibility to add resistance to any exercise or training of your choice without any limitations.


Learn more about the untapped potential you can unlock by adding resistance to your training

''Your body is capable of extraordinary things, you just need to unlock its potential''

With normal everyday workouts and trainings our bodies are only capable of reaching a certain point, however there is a completely new territory of our physical capabilities if we manage to go beyond that point, and this can be achieved with resistance training.

In order to overcome the added resistance, your body will be continuously pushed to perform better, which in turn will keep pushing your physical capabilities such as speed, vertical jump, endurance, strength, reaction time, agility and others to new heights.

By adding resistance to your exercises, you can:

By adding resistance to your training, you can tone your body faster, improve your desired physical attributes or just live an overall healthier lifestyle

And that is our mission at Kinetic-BANDS. By providing you with exceptional and easy to use tools, we want to help you ''unlock your body's potential.''

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Learn more about the what effect Kinetic-BANDS have on your movements.

Visualize having the Bands on your legs.

While standing, try moving your right leg towards your chest. Do you feel the resistance that is trying to prevent you to make that movement?

Now try moving your legs alternatively to your chest in a fast movement (High knees). Do you feel your muscles working harder than normal because of the added resistance to your movements?

Now take the Bands off. Do you feel the lightness in your legs? Try doing the High knees exercise again. Your legs are moving faster now, aren't they? That is the Kinetic-BANDS effect - the added resistance will improve your gains from your exercises.

Any exercise of your choice can become a Kinetic-BANDS exercise

Raise any exercise to a new level by adding resistance to it with the Kinetic-BANDS. With the added resistance your muscles will be under constant tension throughout the entire execution, thus improving the overall quality of every exercise.

The exercise options are countless, you simply need to put the Bands on your legs and do the exercises that you already love doing, or explore and invent new ones.


 The Kinetic-BANDS can be used in various trainings of your choice

The Kinetic-BANDS give you freedom to do any exercise of your choice for whatever purpose you desire. Because of this versatility, there are countless ways how you can use them:

Include resistance in your everyday training and elevate it to a new level
Include the Kinetic-BANDS in your daily routine and elevate it to a new challenging level. Keep doing the exercises that you love doing, just add resistance to them and get more out of your daily training.

Add resistance to your speed, plyometric, endurance, cardio and other types of specialized trainings
Use them in your specialized trainings like Speed training, Plyometric training, Endurance training, HIIT, Cardio, or any other type of training of your choice and become faster, jump higher, increase your endurance threshold, burn more calories, etc.

Use the Kinetic-BANDS in the following trainings

Include resistance in trainings for your sport

Training to improve a certain physical capability is sometimes not enough. If you want to raise your athletic performance to a new level, you need to translate, e.g. your speed into sport-specific movements, which is why athletes include the Bands in their sport-specific training. For example, football players use them in their team passing, dribbling or shooting training. By doing this, they improve the speed of executing certain sport-specific movements.

Come up with innovative exercises and trainings with the Kinetic-BANDS
These are the most common ways the Kinetic-BANDS are used, but be creative in your own way. You have the freedom to turn any exercise into a resistance exercise. Let your imagination run wild and use them in innovative ways and reinvent the normal.


Learn more about who the Kinetic-BANDS are for

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The Kinetic-BANDS are used by a group of professionals

...but most of all, everyone with a goal in their mind. Because of the freedom that the Kinetic-BANDS offer, they can be used by anyone who aspires to improve a certain physical capability or just live an overall healthier lifestyle. Whether you are trying to tone and shape your body, become a better athlete in your sport or just want to keep your body in shape and healthy, the Bands will be useful to you.

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We deliver across Europe.

The Kinetic-BANDS are used by more than 500 people in more than 16 sports around more than 11 countries

Kinetic-BANDS as a gift

The Kinetic-BANDS are a great gift for any athlete and individual who likes to work out

If you are looking for a gift for someone who likes to train to become better, then the Kinetic-BANDS might be a possible solution. They will add additional value to anyone's training.


Take advantage of resistance training and start unlocking your body's potential.

Add resistance to your training today at a discounted price

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