Kinetic BANDS

Kinetic BANDS

        Become faster !!!

Kinetic-BANDS are a great training tool used to help you improve your speed, muscular strength, reaction time, acceleration, coordination, jumping and sport specific quickness by optimaly activating your muscles. With Kinetic-BANDS your feet and legs will become faster WITHOUT TRAINING MORE, just smarter!

PRO Speed for free!

With ordering Kinetic-BANDS product you will get for free our amazing basic individul program Pro Speed program. The program inculde daily workouts based on the athlete age, video with all the exercisess how to perform correctly. 

Take advantage of the limited offer!!

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We offer Kinetic-BANDS in TWO sizes depending of USER WEIGHT.  You have to choose or ABOVE or UNDER 50 kg while younger (smaller) athletes need shorter bands to provide the resistance they need to get results. 

Buy original Kinetic-BANDS for optimal result !!!

  • 2 comfortable and easily adjustable stretch neoprene leg straps ( they do not tear, they do not fall down)
  • 2 sets of resistance bands (depending on the selected set) that provide different levels of resistance
  • Handy mesh travel bag
  • PRO SPEED superior individual training plan supported by video showing all the exercises

What do the Kinetic-BANDS offer? Read all the benefits of the Bands by clicking the button below


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