Kinetic BANDS

Kinetic BANDS

Unlock your body's potential!!

Kinetic-BANDS are a great training tool used to add resistance to your training and thus make every movement you make more effective. Use them to tone and shape your body, improve a specific physical attribute, or just to keep your body in shape and healthy.

Your body is capable of extraordinary things, it's time you unlock it's full potential.

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We offer Kinetic-BANDS in TWO sizes depending of the USER's WEIGHT.  You have to choose either ABOVE or UNDER 50 kg. 

Buy the original Kinetic-BANDS for optimal result !!!

  • 2 comfortable and easily adjustable stretch neoprene leg straps (they do not tear and they do not fall down)
  • 2 sets of resistance bands (depending on the selected set) that provide different levels of resistance
  • Handy mesh travel bag
  • PRO SPEED superior individual training plan supported by videos showcasing all the exercises

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