Kinetic-BANDS for Sports teams and Group workouts

We are working together with professional and recreational sports teams as well as educational and sports institutions all around Europe in various different fields, such as football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, handball, hockey, gymnastics, dancing, fencing, equitation, and many others in order to provide a new training and workout experience for their athletes.


The Bands offer a full range versatility meaning you can use them with any exercises to physically prepare your team for the season, prevent injuries and improve their sport-specific movements.

You can also make use of them in group workout sessions so your participants can burn additional calories, tone their bodies faster and improve their overall health.

Use the Kinetic-BANDS to improve your team's physical attributes or to help your workout group reach their goals

Introduce something new and unique to your training or workout sessions, add resistance and improve overall performance!

Purchase the Bands in bulk at a discounted price, or contact us directly on our contact page and receive a quote for your inquiry.


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