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  • Kinetic BANDS (Pro Speed for free)

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            Train Smart, not More !!!

    Kinetic-BANDS are a great training tool used to help you improve your speed, muscular strength, reaction time, acceleration, coordination, jumping and sport specific quickness by optimaly activating your muscles. With Kinetic-BANDS your feet and legs will become faster WITHOUT TRAINING MORE, just smarter!

    PRO Speed for free!

    With ordering Kinetic-BANDS product you will get for free our amazing basic individul program Pro Speed program. The program inculde daily workouts based on the athlete age, video with all the exercisess how to perform correctly. 

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  • Kinetic BANDS + Individual programs (Speed, Stamina, Jump, FitBURN)

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    We have combined our 5 year acquired knowledge with coaches from the US, and decided to create 4 new individual programs just for you, which will help unlock the full potential of your body ... "UNLOCK YOUR BODY'S FULL POTENTIAL"

    Kinetic BANDS are ideal training tool for improving your speed, muscle strength, reaction time, coordination, thrust and specific trends in your sport with optimal activation of your muscles. The Kinetic Bands will make your legs even faster.

    This time we offer a great opportunity to purchase Kinetic-BANDS Product + special program which you can select alone. You can choose between Speed, Stamina or Jump. Below you can read more about each program

    When ordering, click on "My plan" and choose a plan tailored exactly to you.

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  • Reactive Stretch Cord

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    Reactive Strech Cord is an indispensable and extremely professional tool for speed training, explosivity,  vertical and long jump. Extremely easy but very effective training tool.

    When ordering, just select the length of the belt depending on your belt width!!!

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