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Kinetic-BANDS.eu ist ein innovatives Unternehmen, das sich zum Ziel setzt, sportliche Leistungen ihrer Kunden zu verbessern und einen Beitrag zu der Qualität der Fitnessübungen zu leisten. Unsere Internetseite ist das Herz unseres Unternehmens, da sie unseren Kunden einen Überblick über die große Palette der Produkte in unserem Assortiment ermöglicht.

E-mail: kineticbands@kinetic-bands.eu
Telefon: +386 41 450539

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Unser Motto ist:

  • "Unlock your body´s full potential."

Our vision is very simple – as experts in the field of coaching and extra individual goal-oriented training, we want to enable every individual athlete and recreationalist, no matter the age or gender, to find and reach their maximal body potential. With our innovative, revolutionary and affordable effective Kinetic-BANDS tool, we want to enable everyone to get the maximum out of their training. We want to be positively oriented, find solutions, encourage everyone on their path and stand by their side as their support.

We do what is right, not just what works. We want to create long-term partnerships, dynamic and creative environments for an effective training and athlete or recreationalist development with an emphasis on a constant evolution of every coach's knowledge. Our success is not measured only with economic factors, but with respect, trust and credibility. With a professional and friendly approach, with modern methods of training and the use of the Kinetic-BANDS, we want to reach the highest level of training.

Personal value
We support and encourage originality in every individual. Everybody is worth the respect, deserves a fair treatment and a chance for success. Thereby, everyone is bound to reach perfect personal potential.

We train and encourage. We encourage creativity as well as personal growth and we aim towards perfection in everything we do. We are focused on constant improvement, growth and success of every individual and group. We react quickly to changes and we do everything to make sure the work is complete.
Personal respect
Every individual is obliged and responsible to reach their own goals, and at the same time, he or she must put in all of their effort to reach a group goal. With an excellent approach, we enable others in the group to use all of their personal potential.

At Kinetic-BANDS training, we believe in constant improvement and professional growth. All the coaches we cooperate with around the world are professionally educated and they aim towards recognition and gaining theoretical as well as practical knowledge.
Due to constant communication between us coaches, and complete devotion, we have created what may currently be the most effective plans for training and maximal improvement of athlete's speed, jump and stamina. The programs are always being complemented and we develop new additional methods with which we will cover entire potentials of an athlete's training.


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Long title: NIL Plus d.o.o.
Short title: NIL Plus d.o.o.
Address:  Cesta talcev 67
                 4000 Kranj
                 Slovenia, EUROPE

Registration Number: 6844260000
Tax number: SI90389476
Taxpayer? Yes
Account number: SI56 3300 0000 6984 185, SWIFT: HAABSI22 (Addiko bank)
Credit card payment: PayMill (Credox bank)
Date of registration: 08.05.2015


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