XXL Box (Kinetic-BANDS, T-shirt, blue bands)

XXL Box (Kinetic-BANDS, T-shirt, blue bands)

Be fast and get your great Kinetic-BANDS Tshirt ... as a gift

We have prepared 100 t-shirts and 30 "Blue" bands to send as a gift. That means that we will send an extremely nice T-shirt with the Kinetic-BANDS logo to the first 100 Kinetic-BANDS product buyers and to 30 first buyers also extra blue bands.

NOTE: When you place an order write the age, gender and Size of the T-shirt in the "comment" box.


Price: 63.20 € 34.90 €

Stock status: available


Each set Kinetic-BANDS XXL box* includes:

  • 2 comfortable and easily adjustable stretch neoprene leg straps ( they do not tear, they do not fall down)
  • 2 sets of resistance bands (depending on the selected set) that provide different levels of resistance
  • Handy mesh travel bag
  • "PRO Speed" superior individual training plan supported by a video explaining all the exercises
  • top quality "Kinetic-BANDS" training T-shirt (the first 100 buyers)
  • additional "Blue" bands for advanced athletes (the first 30 buyers)

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