Individual programs (Speed, Stamina, Jump, FitBURN)

Individual programs (Speed, Stamina, Jump, FitBURN)

We have combined our 5 year acquired knowledge with coaches from the US, and decided to create 3 new individual programs just for you, which will help unlock the full potential of your body ... "UNLOCK YOUR BODY'S FULL POTENTIAL"

Read the page to the end, then take the decision and choose appropriate option for yourself depending on your needs and your age.


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For the past five years, we have been implementing individual trainings for athletes worldwide with our training approaches and tools, with the aim of helping them improve their athletic skills. In all these 5 years, we have studied the effects of our Kinetic-BANDS products through training with different athletes from different sport disciplines. With each athlete, we have gained more and more knowledge and we worked with more than a thousand.

Click on the video below and get to know all four newly prepared programs and their advantages for you.



For Whom are these programs intended?

They are intended for everyone who wants to:

  • become faster
  • to run longer without becoming tired
  • jump higher
  • become stronger
  • develop more dynamic power
  • become more explosive
  • shorten their reaction time
  • become more agile
  • strengthen their muscle structure
  • burn fat
  • shape their body
  • and ......
  • for everyone who realizes that the total success in their sport requires additional individual and more effective work.




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5 years of experience with more than 1000 athletes and several thousand individual trainings was necessary for the composition of these three programs, that will help unlock the full potential of your body. Each program specifically focuses on a specific segment you need to improve, so you will feel the progress after each workout.

The programs will be available only to athletes and active people who:

  • Strive for success
  • Are aware that success requires individual work
  • Are willing to train intensively every day
  • Are willing to train more than their peers

The selected exercises or programs are only suitable for the more willing exercisers and athletes which are in regulary weekly training process and are not suitable for people with any injury or health problems, and for pregnant women.


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